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  • Lighweight Shelter
  • Easy to transport 
  • Easy Fix 
  • Applicable for 6 person 
  • Dimension: Upon installation: 420 x 270 x 170cm | Storage: 71 x 29 x 29cm | Inner tent: 270 x 220 x 165cm
  • Capacity: 3-4 persons
  • Name: Hexagonal Arc Edge Sun Shelter
  • Number: 10-15 Persons
  • Waterproof Index: 3000mm
  • Product List: Sun Shelter / Support Rod / Wind Rope / Ground Nail / Storage Bag


  • 395x 270x 183cm (open)
  • 110x 25 x 30cm (packed)
  • Capacity: 5-8 people
  • Weight: 22000g (including accessories and storage bag)


  • Sleep peacefully and enjoy your personal space.
  • Removable outer tent with 5 sides for ventilation.
  • Multiple hanging points for the tent.
  • Expandable and easy to attach.

Fully coated silver fabric, sun, and water-resistant Tent can be installed with silver coated top cape,...


One room with double doors that can be matched with a vestibule to expand the activity space...



  • Wild camping
  •  All kinds of self-driving casual camping (Park, beach, campsite, lakeshore)
  •  Music festival camping party, beach and leisure camping

Thickened aluminum alloy, strong and durable

  • Simple structure, easy to assemble
  • Four-section storage, more convenient to carry
  • V-shaped spike design, more stable support
  • Canopy tents, canopy tents, etc. are suitable

The full ground sheet that blocks cold air and moisture extends all the way to the front room, providing a more spacious living space through efficient space utilization.


It is a tent that can be easily installed by anyone with only 3 poles. It provides a wide living space by applying a full ground seat. The mesh window is also applied to the side for an excellent opening feeling. The zero-lux system with excellent shading power is applied to the inner tent.


This high-end tent is protected from UV rays by applying a black pigment coating with an excellent shading effect. The vertical ridge pole is applied to the upper part to support the tent more firmly, and the high ceiling allows free activity. The main pole structure is crossed by the letter X and designed to be more robust to the wind, responding to various weather changes when used.


This tent stands out for its convenience and function. It is designed to be installed quickly and easily by adopting vertical poles. Teflon coating boasts high light-shielding power and waterproofing power. By applying an inner tent of a dark tone, you can sleep lightly by double blocking light.


More than 6M longer length allows for free activity and is a large tent optimized for auto camping. Forming a protective film for an excellent water repellent effect and The best Teflon coating is applied to protect the fabric from other contaminants. The roof has a black pigment coating with excellent light blocking effect Block the hot ultraviolet rays, and enjoy comfortable camping.


Anyone can easily install it with a simple installation method that does not combine poles. The one-touch system that can be easily installed by pulling the handles located on both sides of the inner tent is applied. It is a tent with an excellent opening feeling and breathability by applying a mesh window. Free activities are possible with a large indoor space, and they can be used comfortably with excellent breathability.


A tent that interprets the classicity of a cabin tent with a modern design. it creates an emotional atmosphere and adds to the joy of camping.


It is a shade tent of an auto system that can be installed at once without assembly. You can effectively block UV rays by applying a silver coating on the inside of the tent. All four sides are made of mesh windows, making them unruly and breathable. The large indoor space allows for free activities and can be used comfortably with excellent breathability.


It is an auto tent that can be used for many purposes, such as toilets or changing rooms, and is a one-touch auto tent that can be installed and stored easily at once without any wind-resistant steel frame design.


A dual windscreen that effectively blocks wind from a large area, providing a private space for comfortable camping. It can be separated by a simple zipper type, so it is not limited to space and can be easily installed by anyone with easy installation.


Excellent pigmented black pigment coating is applied to the tarp shell roof, and high-quality poly oxford fabric and Teflon coating are applied.


The black pigment coating with an excellent shading effect is applied, and it is convenient to use because it provides a large space for free activities. You can enjoy comfortable camping with the use of fine, high-quality mesh windows, and a zero-lux system with excellent UV protection is applied to the inner tent to provide a comfortable sleep.


A black coat tent with a stable construction. Install it on a night bed and use it conveniently because it is not directly in contact with cold and uneven ground. A rigid buckle, which can be connected to the field chair, is located at the bottom and can be easily secured by sliding it back to the bottom of the field bed.


Tribus, a tunnel tent with three main poles for easy and quick installation, shows a wide living room and inner tent and performs a wonderful open tent with canopy-type doors.


Captain Stag UA1074 CS Black Label Hexagon tarp with UV protection is suitable for 4-6 people.



Captain Stag UA1069 CS Classics Hexagon Tarp come with UV protection. It hexagonal shape can be set in various ways depending on your situation. It is suitable for 4-6 people.



Captain Stag UA44 Monte Screen Two Room Dome Tent is a 6-person tunnel tent that is equipped with a living space on the front.


This Captain Stag UA46 CS Classics One Pole Tent DX Octagon is a large octagonal one-pole tent that can be used by a large number of people. It come with a large interior space which is secured by adopting large entrances and exits in the front and rear.


CAPTAIN STAG UA39 CS Classics Camp Base Tent is a large tent with shelter that can be used as an outdoor base camp and can be used in a variety of settings 


This CAPTAIN STAG tent is easy to assemble with only one pole. It is large enough for 3 to 4 people and can be set up as a single hexagonal fly sheet and used as a shelter.


This MOBI GARDEN Auto Tent suitable for 4 to 5 person. It is highly ventilate with mosquito mesh covered at the top part, 2 window at both side and 2 door opening. This tent also have a height of 180cm.


This waterprood sheet can use as a GROUNDSHEET or FLYSHEET during your camping 


This Mobi Garden tent come with double layer, suitable for hiking& camping


This Mobi Garden pyramid Villa Tower tent is suitable for 4 person or a small family. It also come with high waterproof layer which is PU5000mm and UV40+ 


This Naturehike Canopy pole come in 4 section which you may adjust the height according to your situation. Come in 2 meter, 2.2 meter, 2,4 meter


This Canopy from Naturehike has a large size of 680*576cm with the height of 240cm. Suitable for large family camping 


This Mobi Garden Tarp has been equiped with pole. The material are make from waterproof 210T 2000MM and come with UV protection. Come in large size which is 4.4meter and 5.2meter


This Mobi Garden ERA 150 glamping tent is a 4 person tent which suitable for family, couple or friends. 


This Mobi Garden tent is suitable for 4 person. It come with a living room in the front for a chilling time with famliy or friends


This Mobi Garden Large Glamping tent come with a living room and comfortable for standing up


This tent provide you with a high degree of comfort, security and a sense of space.

  • Lightweight One Person Tent
  • Durable and High-Quality Material
  • 3 Seasons Tent
  • Breathable & Stable
  • Easy to set up & Freestanding