Mobi Garden Day-Off-Retreat Automatic Tent 13 Outdoor Camping Tent NX23661001
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  • Integrated automatic quick-setup structure
  • Two-room and one-hall design
  • Suitable for outdoor camping
  • Triple-layer windproof and waterproof materials

Mobi Garden Day-Off-Retreat Automatic Tent 13 Outdoor Camping Tent NX23661001

Lightweight quick-setup tent with full aluminum alloy frame: Integrated automatic quick-setup structure, adopting a two-room and one-hall.



Lightweight quick-setup tent with full aluminum alloy frame: Integrated automatic quick-setup structure, adopting a two-room and one-hall design, suitable for outdoor camping. Triple-layer windproof and waterproof materials effectively reduce condensation, providing a comfortable camping experience.

Approximately 21.2 square meters of spacious space, comfortable and cozy, avoiding a cramped feeling: All four tent doors can be propped up to form a canopy, providing extra leisure space. Comes with 2 tent poles (22mm diameter, 185cm length) to meet your outdoor camping needs.

The inner tent can be suspended, enabling flexible living arrangements: Remove or install the inner tent as needed, and enjoy a spacious interior, and separate living, and sleeping areas without disturbing each other.

Integrated aluminum alloy frame for easy and quick setup: No disc head design, interconnected tent poles, simply push and pull for easy setup. When setting up for the first time, the outer cover and inner tent need to be assembled by the user; can be folded together when storing.

Top cover + outer tent + inner tent, triple-layer protection, effectively reducing condensation: Detachable inner tent, can be matched as desired. The gap between the top cover and the outer tent allows for effective ventilation, reducing condensation inside the tent.

Strict testing ensures quality: Tested under 15m/s wind speed (level 7 wind), water pressure of 300kpa-450kpa, and uniform spray at a height of 4.5m-5m for 30 minutes (water flow rate of at least 60L/(h.m2)), showing no leakage or seepage. Due to climate change, the above test data is for reference only.

210D encrypted Oxford fabric, waterproof PU3000MM: The outer tent is made of 210D silver-coated Oxford fabric, easily coping with rainy days; the tent bottom is waterproof PU4000MM, ensuring comfort.

Top cover + outer tent silver coating process, UV50+: The fabric is internally silver-coated, effectively reflecting sunlight, reducing UVA/UVB damage to the skin, and providing sun protection.

Features of 210D silver-coated Oxford fabric:

  • Long-lasting anti-mold, easy maintenance
  • Resistant to sun aging, durable quality
  • High strength, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, not easily damaged
  • Long service life, suitable for long-term outdoor setup
  • Excellent waterproof performance, rain-resistant
  • Sunshade and sun protection, effectively reducing UV damage

Retro Ruyi pattern, luxurious texture, unique and distinctive: The outer tent adopts a luxurious and subtle floral treatment, presenting a traditional Chinese "Ruyi pattern" with changing luster, symbolizing "peace, prosperity, and good fortune."

Four large windows + side door design, well-ventilated and easy access: The tent can be opened on all four sides for ventilation, ensuring good air circulation inside. The main entrance and side door design do not interfere with each other.

Transparent PVC large viewing window, a panoramic view of the four seasons: Provides excellent viewing and lighting effects. Removable curtains create a personalized camping style. Precautions: If cooking inside the tent, be sure to place aluminum foil or other heat-insulating items under the stove, and open all tent doors and windows to ensure safety.

Upgraded outer bag for easier storage: The upper layer can store the inner tent and top cover, while the lower layer holds the outer tent, helping to protect it; convenient storage, and accessories are less likely to be lost.



  • Expanded size: 430*300*210CM
  • Packed size: 118*35*35CM
  • Inner tent size: 200*270*180CM
  • Weight: Approx. 19KG (including stakes and guy ropes)
  • Flysheet: 210D Oxford fabric (Waterproof PU3000MM silver-coated)
  • Inner tent: Polyester fiber
  • Ceiling: Polyester fiber (silver-coated)
  • Floor: 150D Oxford fabric (Waterproof PU4000MM)
  • Frame: Aerospace aluminum frame
  • Vestibule pole: 2 iron poles (diameter 22MM, length 185CM)
  • Stakes: 22 stakes (21CM fluorescent head iron) + 4 stakes (25CM plastic head iron)
  • Guy ropes: 10


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