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Campingmoon Camping Cup Stainless Steel Sierra Cup 310ml 360ml S-220 S360
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  • Size: Approximately φ120 x 165 x 45 (height) mm
  • Weight: about 85g
  • Full capacity: Approximately 310 ml
  • Material: 18 "8 stainless steel
  • Set contents: Sierra cup 1-piece set


  • Size: Approximately φ170 x 122 x 62 (height) mm
  • Weight: Approximately 130g
  • Full capacity: Approximately 450 ml (Scale / scale 360 ​​ml)
  • Material: 18 "8 Stainless
  • Set contents: Sierra cup alone

 Stainless steel deep type single item

Camping Moon's stainless steel Sierra cup deep type S-360 is a single item.
Since it can be stacked in a Sierra cup, it is not bulky and easy to handle in terms of hygiene.
The diameter of a medium-sized Sierra cup (310 ml) increases from the bottom to the top, but this deep type has a height, and the diameters of the bottom and top are not so different.
Since it has a large capacity, it is easy to use because you can put anything such as rice and salad as well as drinks.


1. Compact storage

By stacking Sierra cups on top of each other, they can be stored neatly and are not bulky.


2. Easy-to-hold handle

The ease of stacking and the fact that it can be hooked anywhere due to its handle make it a perfect idea for camping.


3. Be put on fire

All of "boil, bake, simmer" is possible with this one! In addition to baking simple things such as fried eggs and wieners, in some unusual places, there are also advanced techniques such as Sierra cup rice cooking and smoking (the two are put together to make a lid)!

4. Can be used as a coffee cup

You can use a mug to drink coffee, but if you use a Sierra cup, you can use it for both boiling and drinking without any hassle! There is less troublesome washing.


5. Can be used as a ladle

Now that the food is ready, let's set it aside! When I thought about it, I forgot my ladle ... Have you ever been disappointed? Even in such a case, if you have a Sierra cup, you can substitute it.


6. Can be used as a measuring cup

When you drink instant miso soup or soup, you can easily add the specified amount of hot water and drink it as it is without measuring it with another lightweight cup if you use a graduated Sierra cup!


7. Can be used as a stove windshield

Put the burner directly in the Sierra cup and put the trivet on it. The Sierra cup acts as a windshield, making cooking smooth in windy mountainous areas.


8. Sturdy and easy to handle

Made of high-quality 18-8 stainless steel. Even if the material is dropped with sturdy metal, there is no worry that it will crack, and even if it gets burnt, it will be restored if you polish it with a cleanser!




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  • Set contents: Sierra cup 1-piece set